Planning the Ultimate Product Launch in NYC

If your organization wants to launch a new product you will need to develop and implement a product launch by first identifying the best location to have this launch. New York City is arguably one of the best places to have a product launch given the high population density and proximity to celebrities from around the world.

Developing Promotional Materials

Prior to securing a venue for the product launch there are a few essential steps that must be taken first starting with the procurement of promotional materials. You will need to come up with flyers, pamphlets, plus the best step and repeat NYC has available.  The last thing you want to do is secure a venue and invite the press only to realize your promotional materials are not ready yet.

The promotional materials need to be appealing to the eye while at the same time communicating the message that your product launch is going to be a ground-breaking experience. A well-established step and repeat NYC firm will be able to provide helpful insight on what styles and approaches would be best suited for your industry.

Building Media Buzz Around Your Upcoming Product Launch

Once the collaterals have been addressed, you can begin looking at the various venues that are available and pick the most prestigious one your budget allows. When you have the venue locked down your next step is to begin communicating with various media channels about your upcoming product launch and why the media should cover it. You can allocate some capital towards advertising but that alone will not help you reach your full potential. Free media coverage will create more awareness of your upcoming product launch which should lead to more sales and market penetration.

Enlisting the Help of Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Social media is one of the most powerful forms of advertising available. You can leverage this by identifying and engaging well-established social media brand ambassadors. These are individuals who have a huge following on social media website. By inviting them to cover your product launch they will “live stream” it from the event which will create awareness from a base of consumers you would not be able to reach. The cost to engage these brand ambassadors varies but since a considerable number of them reside in NYC you should be able to meet with them in person to discuss their compensation and scope of work in detail.

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Hiring Celebrity Endorsements

Do you know who is in your key demographic? If you have a very specific demographic of consumers you want to reach then you should seek out a celebrity endorsement that the demographic resonates with. The celebrity endorsers will create an instant connection with your targeted audience and since your demographic trusts the celebrity your brand will benefit from that “instant credibility”.

If you have covered your bases you will be able to achieve substantial success with your product launch so begin planning right away.