Black Friday Sale!!!

Posted on 11/24/2014

20% Off TPB/Hardcovers

25% off Toys

15% Off Gaming

30% Off Back Issues


Main Comic Wall 50%

These sales will start at 10am Friday Morning and go until close on Saturday!!!!!

New Back Issue Stock Available

Posted on 10/24/2014

Not a jinx.....Not a hoax.......The entire convention stock is now out and very very ready for you to purchase....From 4 to Y The Last Man all this comic goodness can be yours including early issues of Saga!!!!!!


Posted on 10/24/2014

Brainstorms Great Pumpkin Halloween Sale starts today...20% off all action figures and toy sets. Comic packs are buy one get one 50% off. All TPB's and Hardcovers are 15% off!!!

Delayed Gustavo Pop Vinyl!!!!

Posted on 10/24/2014

Well he is stylish, crafty and missing half his face Gus Fring of Breaking Bad fame when be appearing in Pop Vinyl Form next week get yours here!!!


Posted on 10/24/2014

Fully restocked on Rat Queens, both Walking Dead Compendiums, all 3 volumes of Saga, and all 4 volumes of Manhattan Projects plus classics like Old Man Logan, Watchmen, Batman Hush and All Star Superman just to name a few.

Dice Masters

Posted on 10/21/2014

We will have the new dice masters expansion in stock and the gaming tables will be up for anyone who wants to play.


Posted on 10/21/2014

Its our favorite time of year. So come on in and check out our horror movie toy section we have been restocking all the awesome reads you love from Batman to Saga.


Posted on 08/29/2014

So our Labor Day Sale is as follows you can fill up a short box of comics from our back issue drawers for $30 dollars. All hardcovers are half off cover price. Huge trade markdowns as low as 5 dollars!!! Toys 25% off !!!!!

Guardians Of The Galaxy!!!

Posted on 08/29/2014

You can win a Guardians of the Galaxy Hardcover just by retweeting us or tagging us in your tweets!!!!


Posted on 08/29/2014

In addition to our normal monday draft we will be having Commander on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm and Standard on SAturdays 2:00 pm
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